Jen plays the lottery

Meet Jen, 28 and a teacher. She plays a £1 game each week to help boost that flat deposit.

Kath has been helped by the Benevolent Fund

Kath is just getting back to work after a cancer scare. The Benevolent Fund supported her all the way.

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Match all six this week and you’ve just won £25,000!

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Other Winners

The Unite Benevolent Fund has helped

Jan, 42
Jan, 42Winner
When Jan was hit with a breast cancer diagnosis her finances were hit too. The Benevolent Fund team helped her access the relevant benefits and rallied her utilities companies to temporarily reduce their bills by 50%.
Abbie, 39
Abbie, 39Winner
Abbie’s ex left her and three young children a few weeks before Christmas. The benefits agencies needed time; food banks loomed. The Benevolent Fund offered a financial grant and Abbie and the kids had a much merrier Christmas.
Ralph, 57
Ralph, 57Winner
A freak winter storm blew in and took some of Ralphs’s roof with it. With the prolonged rain and cold his family were not safe. The Benevolent Fund stepped up with a grant towards the roof repairs.
Gareth, 82
Gareth, 82Winner
When Gareth’s mobility scooter packed it in, he was house bound. He stayed that way for six months. Until a Benevolent Fund grant meant his scooter could be fixed and Gareth could be out and about once again.
Daisy, 61
Daisy, 61Winner
Daisy lives near a park. So when her fence blew down her security fears went up, but a Benevolent Fund grant saw that the fence is back up. And safety features mean Daisy now rests easy at night.


A £25,000 jackpot and other cash prizes are available every draw.

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Unite2Win: rules of play

Playing Unite2Win really is a doddle. Each line costs just £1. Even if you play every week, that’s just £4 a month. That’s the price of a pint – a month. But you could win £25,000. Then it will be champagne time!

Unite2Win: prize breakdown

Here’s how it all works. The six winning numbers for each draw are the temperatures in six European cities. Match all six and you win £25,000 jackpot.
Other cash prizes to be won:

  • 5 numbers wins £250
  • 4 numbers wins £20
  • 3 numbers wins x2 bonus plays
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